Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This blog post thing doesn't look anything like brandis blog site. The hell is going on? I feel so lost. Anyway, if this is the correct place then I'll get started. My name is James and I'm an alcoholic. Wait no I'm not, I'm a father and husband. I love to shoot elk and eat walleye. For those of you who don't know, walleye is my favorite fish. You can't buy it at a store so if you want to get me a christmas present you'll have to buy me a gun. I digress, I'm a proud father of one little boy. He never runs out of energy, he runs into walls. He probably sees them, but doesn't understand that they don't move. My wife is a wonderful person. She watches my son all day. I think that would be an easy job, she disagrees. I have a good job, my title is 'Quality Assurance Team Leader.' The functions I perform are those of a secretary. I just get paid better. This year I shot a small 5x5 elk. It's the first one in 10 years. I love elk steak, whoever reads this, do you know of any good recipies? I know of a couple. I have a degree in Food Science... and am famous for ruining macaroni and cheese. Now it's time to see if this blog went to where it was suppossed to go. I'll post more later.


Denver Hall said...

you almost killed me with the "he probably doesn't understand they won't move" comment!

Christina said...

How's it going? I haven't heard from you in forever. It sounds like things are going well. Twin Falls is nice, from what I've seen. You will have to post some pics of your wife and son. I can't believe he's already 3!

Brandi said...

I would love to see pics of you and the fam.

Give your wife a little more credit. I have many friends with children and just watching them run after them makes me tired. Add to that, your wife is trying to keep up with a child with your genetic material ;)

It is so good to hear from you. I am glad you are finally able to post on the blog with us.