Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fine...I'll Post Something

Well, here's a bit on what's been going on with us.

Emma is about 14 weeks pregnant now. We were down in Salt Lake Saturday visiting her parents when her aunt, who is a nurse in an OB clinic that's closed on the weekend, called and asked if she wanted an ultrasound "just for fun." The baby is still pretty small, but you could see all the fingers and toes and how much it was moving. Her aunt said if she had to guess, she would guess it was a boy, but it's definitely not a certainty yet. We were just happy to see that it looked healthy and in one piece, and that there was no alien head, four legs, or a tail.

In September, just after the second week of the fall semester, I had an artery break open inside my small intestine and I lost half my blood volume over the next few hours. I was hospitalized for 4 days, had all kinds of horrible things done to me to find out what was wrong, and somewhere along the way I pulled a muscle in my leg in a fall from passing out from low blood pressure. Two months later, I still can't do too much. Where I was running 3 miles and trying to go on hiking trips as often as possible and bike across Logan to work, I am barely able to walk a few blocks. I suppose it'll take months before I'm back to normal. I'm just worried about getting fat before then! ;o)

I had to drop all my senior-level biochemistry classes, so now I'm stuck with a couple 1010 classes and online medical terminology. Talk about easy. I don't even feel like I'm in school anymore. I just drive up to campus every couple weeks and take a test. I'm still hoping to graduate next December, but now I won't be able to attend pharmacy school until Fall 2009. That means the youngest I will be when I finish school will be 32!!! That's horrible! But from what I hear about the job market for pharmacy and the 6-figure starting wages, I guess it'll be worth the wait.

Enough about my exciting life! Here's what I know about everyone else:

Kim, my sister, was evacuated for a few days because of the fires in southern California. Apparently, stuff was burned in her town, but her house and business were okay. She was worried about losing business, but she said when she opened the next day she was swamped with customers!

James Bond is living near Twin Falls, ID, and I know he's tried to get on here, but he can't figure it out (insert idiot comment here). He's a manager at a food plant there, they have a house and their son, Kaden, is about 3 years old.

Brad and Jenni Bond moved to Pennsylvania this summer. He's doing a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture at Penn State, and his knees are hurting him because of the low altitude (insert pathetic old man comment here).

My other sister, Melissa, had her baby, Aidan, in August. He's not even three months old but already talking lots of gibberish and wanting to play.


someday6pointer said...

I am not an idot!

Christina said...

Wow. Life has been super crazy for you. I hope that your recovery goes well. That sounds like scary stuff.
How is Kim doing? I'm glad that she is safe. How long will she stay?
So, are you excited about becoming parents? It would be fun and terrifying all at once!

Brandi said...

It's good to hear how you guys are doing. I am glad Emma is doing well with the pregnancy. Give her a foot rub for me.

Dude, that sucks about your intestines. I hope you recover quickly.

I hear you on the school thing. I will be in school forever, too. But that is because I am a masochist. No, actually, I am one of those crazy people who love school and want to know everything.

It's really good to hear about Kim. I would have called if I was not afraid of being the 30th person calling her to see how she was doing during a very stressful time for her. I am glad her home and businesses are safe, too.

It's really good to hear from you. Keep us updated!

Pete and Nae said...

Are you 'back to normal' yet Denver? That had to have been a rather scary experience! We'd love to see pics of your family.

I agree Brandi, school is a never ending processes (mainly 'cause learning isn't all that bad:) but homework sure sucks!!!! When's your graduation date? Mike, how are you doing with graduation? Everyone else?