Monday, November 5, 2007

HELLO!! Anybody out there?

Hey guys,

We are so bad at posting on this thing!

I am currently living out in the country in Florida (or what people on the east coast refer to as country, anyway). The family who adopted my dogs have now adopted me, too. It is very warm here in Florida, and it doesn't feel like it is going to be getting cold anytime soon. I am not used to wearing shorts and t-shirts in November, but I am excited that I won't be getting stuck in a snowy driveway this winter. It's a nice change.

So, I am currently living with a couple, their son and his wife, and their 5-year-old daughter, 2 pugs, and a schnauzer. Oh, and there used to be a bull in the backyard, but he kept escaping to go to the field to visit a cow that was in heat. And I thought trying to round up Goliath (one of the pugs) was difficult! We had to chase this bull with a car (one time a car and two trucks) until we could bully him back into his own fence. I don't know how people once kept thousands of those animals. They are SO BIG! And they get so angry. I think they have such a temper because they kick themselves in the nuts every time they walk or run. Have you seen how low those big, ol' things hang?!? And when they start bucking, you would think they would knock themselves impotent! (okay, give me a break. Military training is not exactly comparable to that of a finishing school.)

I am flying to Utah for about a week (leaving FL tomorrow, actually) and then I am kidnapping my sister and bringing her back here for a week. The pugs really need their claws clipped. I don't think it's been done since the last time Geneva (who is a dog groomer) did it. Well, and I guess it will be nice to visit her too (obviously, since the flights cost more than paying a groomer here to clip the claws).

Right now, I am involved in a whole bunch of nothing. Ok, not really nothing. I am trying to navigate the VA system- not such an easy task. But there are a lot of good people working for the system who are a lot of help. I would like to know what the VA is going to do for me and expect from me, so I can get some kind of job around here and take some more belly dancing classes (I can't resist the shiny costumes). I am thinking about getting a job working for one of the many horse farms around here. The city I live in is the thorough-bred horse capital of America or something like that. I am so excited to muck stalls and clean horse manure out of horse-shoes!

It would be great to hear how the rest of you are doing. Any news? No? How about fun hobbies? Do your spouse/in-laws/children/roommates drive you crazy or make you laugh? What did you have for dinner last night? What are your favorite TV shows/movies/books?

Oh, and do you know anyone else's email addresses? It would be fun to add more members to the blog. Specifically, I am wondering about Jacqueline Miles, Jenni Burger (keep forgetting her new last name), Amber Hall, Danette Peterson (last name?), Brad Bond, Nancy, or anybody else's addresses? It sure would be fun to hear from the rest of them. If you have an email address, feel free to email me, JaNae, or Mike, and we can send them an invite. Thanks!


Cherry said...

That's funny! I was just thinking some one should post something. I'm glad you did.

By the way, Ross and I went out for Mexican food tonight--that's what we had for dinner. = )

Denver Hall said...

Good to hear from ya! We were wondering....

Christina said...

Sorry about slacking off with the posts. . .
It sounds like you are having a good time in Florida. I am glad that you are with your dogs again. Do they have any goats on that farm? Remember that one in Mantua? He was so cute!
Anyway, I hope things are going well. That's cool that Geneva is going to go visit too. You'll have to let us know how it goes.