Sunday, November 23, 2008

I guess I better update everyone too,

We are getting ready to get a house, the one we are getting is from habitat for humanity so it requires 500 hours (250 each) before we can move in. As of now we are somewhere from 50 - 75 left. We have done almost all of the finish work from mudding and taping, texturing, painting, got the floor ready for flooring, put in doors, trim and baseboard, and we still have to do the final finish (socket covers, window sills, touch-up paint, ect.) It has been a LOT of work but I have enjoyed learning everything. it has been pretty interesting. we are both pretty excited. otherwise nothing much is new with me, I work and go to drill and work on the house and play video games when I have time.

I am better at answering questions then just going on and on so feel free if there is anything I left out.

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