Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another UPDATE!

Well much has changed in our neck of the woods! We are now living out in Corinne. And get this, I am back living in my old house, where I grew up. We were living in a tiny house, and I could'nt take any more of it, and one day I was coming out here to take my son to school, and saw it for rent. a hah we got it! IT is so much like HOME! We love it. Well, I am feeling like I am quite the receptionist at my house. I feel like I am always on the phone with the VA, or DFAS, or the hospital, and the list goes on. I hate talking on the phone, and you All know how much I love to talk! lol My husband Kurtis, has gotten worse lately with his injury, and it has taken him to the point where he cannot work. We recently found out that he has the TBI, and for all you non military its Traumatic Brain Injury. He has been going down to salt lake to see a neo surgeon. He has really gone down hill, I never put much into mental illness or head injuries until now. I am learning so much. But despite these moments, we are all doing well! I am volunteering at Kayla school, and Turner's school. Really enjoy being a mom! Its my favorite job ever! Kayla is doing so well in school, her teacher recently told me she was reading over 120 wpm. And she is in 1st grade! Turner is loving preschool, and can catch a football while running, he is 3. And Allie is 2, and she is a crazy girl! She has a lot of energy, and a lot of opinion! (don't know where she gets that from :) But she is such a good girl.

On Friday, I did something I said I would NEVER do! I woke up early and went shopping at WALMART! It was such a nightmare, fistfights, and onry women in their But the SALE ads got to me this year! And despite the horrific scene I was able to get everything I wanted, which was like 5 items! So i felt pretty proud! lol

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Love Amber (Edelman5)

P.O. box 181

Corinne Ut 84307


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