Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our California Summer Thus Far....

Meet G.I. Jezebel and her side-kick the Great Goldent Goliath.

Here is Goliath trying to catch a rubber duck out of the wading pool (the ducks are all now missing beaks). Jezebel won't get in the pool, unless I put her in it after one of our walk/runs, in which she gets home panting loud enough to let the whole house know we are coming.

I bought a tricycle from a man whose health will no longer allow him to ride it. We have been having a good time with it. My roommate was shocked at the pugs reactions to the bike. We wheeled it into the backyard, and the dogs started doing excited little circles and making excited snorting noises. Then Goliath tried to jump right into the basket. Neither one of us could figure out how they knew the basket was to be their spot. I put a cardboard on the bottom of the basket underneath a dog bed, and put pipe insulator and a pool noodle around the edges of the basket to keep them from hurting themselves. Then I attached a Y-leash to the bike to keep them from jumping/falling out. They love it. And I have to admit, I prefer the trike to the Kiddie bike trailer we had in Logan. I can reach back and pat their little heads. But I admit that riding a trike is a bit more challenging than riding a bike. It will take some getting used to.


Blen said...

Your dogs are funny. you do not see very many dogs that like biking. I think max would freak out if i tried.

Christina said...

That is so cute! Good cheap form of transportation too. That's pretty funny that the dogs knew what the basket was for.

Pete and Nae said...

I love it LOL- the GI Joes and the swimming pool- here I was wondering how I was going to keep my kids busy this summer- now I know!!! (Might not work as well with the kids but it's worth a try!)

Sounds like you have been staying really busy and having a good time.

So tell us more about your job.