Monday, May 19, 2008


Hey, I am assuming you are talking to me :) The job is alright. I have to study through a whole bunch of material and then take a test to get a license before I can actually start the work part of it. Getting through all the material is taking FOREVER! Not to mention, I am working on the MBA thing right now, too. I am kind of entertaining the idea of getting a part-time job just to get out of the house until I get the license I need. I don't have the kind of personality to spend this much time between the same four walls :P I think I would get through the material faster if I had a chance to get out and do something to burn off my restlessness.

My roommates said I can paint a mural or two in their house. I am pretty excited about that. I will have to let you guys know how that is going.

The other day, Cameron (the little boy I live with) came out of the bathroom and exclaimed with excitement "MOM! I just peed standing up!" Well, of course I had to open my mouth and ask, "was it very difficult?" Next thing I knew, the boy had whipped his pants down and patiently demonstrated to me how you hold it, aim, and then let the pee come out. I thanked him for telling me how, but I don't have a "pee-pee hose" (my term, not his), so I will just have to continuing sitting or squatting when I pee. Of course, then I had to explain squatting. Luckily for me, we have two female dogs here who are not shy to demonstrate their squatting talents ;) I've been told I don't have the filter on my speech that everyone else has- imagine me living with a three-year-old.

The trip to Chinatown with Lorena was pretty fun. We found this little fortune-cookie factory with the yummiest fortune cookies I've ever eaten :D They were still warm and everything. And my fortune said "suburban husband is a gardener with sexual privileges". I am thinking that fortune is probably inaccurate, since I am not married- unless it's talking about my roommate's husband. I hope not. He's a mailman, but he helps his his mom, grandma, and uncle do their yard work. Hmm, that's a disturbing thought-

I don't know when I am coming back to Utah. Money is a little tight, so I don't really want to pay for the gas right now. Not too mention driving through the desert after the weather has gotten warm. I think hot feels hotter when you are bored and driving through a landscape full of a whole bunch of nothing. I think you guys should take a road trip and come out here. You can see the glow-in-the-dark stars I sewed to the ceiling of my Jeep and the sheet I painted with my whole body after completely smearing finger-paint all over me. Fun times in sunny California :)


Blen said...

Yes I was talking to you. That sounds like alot of work, it should be good once you get it done. I should be getting a raise soon. I am not sure how much or exactly when but it will be nice.

I am going to start taking the bus to work as soon as I get my bus pass. right now I am paying 160 dollars a month for gas and the price is still going up. The army will pay for my bus pass so it will save me alot of money. I will ride my bike to and from the bus stop too so the exercise will be good.

I would love to come out if it werent for gas prices. I am hoping they start going down soon.

anyway talk to you later

Pete and Nae said...

LOL Brandi. I tell you. Life is incredibly different when you have little kids around. You don't just have to talk differently, you have to think and act differently as well. But them, I'm sure you know that :)

What are you getting your license for? How close are you to the Ocean? One of these days Pete and I will live close enough to the ocean to be able to make it a regular part of our lives:)

Geneva said...

Brandi, I love you. Somehow you tend to make me laugh. Even if it is only someone else asking if I find their langauge/subject matter offensive. I feel you have done a wonderfull job of preparing me to meet the big bad world (like the phrase pee-pee hoses. Cute dogs by the way.