Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hey all, Thought it would be kind of cool to see what kind of music everyone listens to now a days... but of course it can't be as simple as listing songs. Nope. Here's how it goes. I'll start by listing a song and the next person replies with a song that they like that starts with the last letter of the song. So I'll start with the one that is on right now:
"Crazy Bitch"
~Buck Cherry~
So someone will share a song that they like that starts with 'h' and the next will respond with a song that they like which starts with the first letter of the last song listed. Hopefully you get it! I think it'll be an interesting way to see what kind of music everyone has been listenin' to lately :)


Cherry said...

by Liz Phair

Look it up. = )

Blen said...

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Brandi said...

Not Pretty Enough

by Kasey Chambers

Blen said...

Hard to say

The Used

Pete and Nae said...

Diary of Jane
Breaking Benjamin

Brandi said...

Evening Falls

by Enya

Pete and Nae said...

So much to say
~Dave Matthews~

Brandi said...

You'll Get Through This

Martina McBride

Blen said...

Serenity - - Godsmack

Breaking benjamin is good J/P, I like them alot.

Brandi said...

You Can't Lose Me

Faith Hill

Christina said...

Everything About You
Ugly Kid Joe
(I think my taste in music is going backwards)

Pete and Nae said...

Ugly Side
~Blue October~

Hey guys, I've been looking up your songs. Wow- lots of good ones and a pretty big variety. Crazy how all of our tastes in music have shifted isn't it? And Blen- yeah I like Breaking Benjamin a lot. I was really sad I missed their concert last summer :(

Blen said...

Eat the rich