Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For Geneva

Geneva wanted me to post these, she will comment on them in a little while explaining them.


Geneva said...

Thanks Blen!
So as far as strange new hobbies...I joined a club um..a year and a half/almost two years ago now called the Society For Creative Anacronism (SCA). The idea behind the club is to recreate the middle ages as we feel they should have been-end result is something along the lines of a bunch of people portraying anything from around 600-1600ad anywhere in the world. And don't forget the most important part-flush toilets!
The Society has all aspects of life which, I believe, sets it apart from most other "swordfighting" clubs. There are awards for the arts-and-sciences which covers anything you could make or research and also service-'cause some people just like to get in and help run the events and other aspects of the club. It is a world-wide, well established group of wierd people in funny clothes.
I have chosen to focus on the Heavy armoured fighting (as opposed to rapier/fencing) and the pics are from my second tournament which was a week and a half ago. The guy standing next to me is the person I was fighting for, as the rules in this tournament required that the fighters fight for the honor of someone else (it is called Crown tourny-the winner becomes the next king/queenand has a 6 month reign-and they want two people on the thrones.) I can't think of anything else, so if you have questions, let me know.

Brandi said...

cute pics. Do you have any of the dresses and other things you have made?

Does the club allow you to do a lot of traveling?

How is the armour your making for yourself coming along?

Pete and Nae said...

Looks like fun. Keep us up dated on how you do at the tournaments. :)

Christina said...

That's pretty cool. It sounds like a great way to pursue interesting hobbies and meet new people. Is the heavy armored fighting the same thing that you were doing back in December?

Geneva said...

I have been fighting about a year, now, so I was fighting in Dec.
I don't have any other pics of me yet, if I find any, I will let you know. (I do have a couple of pics of the bruises-I don't know how to post them, though)
The club is world-wide, with events all over the world. The tourny in the pics was in Missula, MT, and I have been to ID and UT so far. I would like to get to some of the others when I get time and more money (work is a good thing)
I am making some armour that should fit me a little better than the loaner stsff I have now (imagine-stuff built for a girl fitting better than the stuff made for guys!) but it is taking time. I should be replacing the legs anytime as they are on order from another fighter. He did not realize at first how different a girls legs are-it kinda made me laugh. The last piece I need is a breast-plate that is me-shaped. And my buddy was kind enough to remind me of that last night (the whole side of a shield to the breast kinda hurt-I may get a bruise there, haven't had time to check)
Tommorrow is the first event that I am running. And I have not had much sleep in the past month. (now I know why most fighters are married-work, usual takeing care of myself, armour, sewing-then as if I wasn't crazy enough, running an event just two weeks after a big tourny. Oh, well, had too much hair anyway. :-P)
It has been an awesome hobby and a great way to meet lots of people with similar interests-where else can you drive 7 hours to beat up on perfect strangers, and they don't press charges? In fact, they will ask you to sign that particularly psycadelic looking bruise you gave them-then take a pic so you/they never forget. Not that I am in any way abnormal.:)