Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh, dear sweet mug,

As I put you to my mouth and taste the brown good-ness I stop to think
I think of all the other mugs before you and how none others can compare
While the coffee may not always be perfect; my shiny coffee mug, you always are

You have been there for me every morning waiting for the sweet brown brew
Even though you may chuckle lightly at me using large amounts of creamer,
You always understand and never make fun

Thank you for being there for me on the long nights when I need you most.
Thank you for understanding when I need my space with a Pepsi or Dew

My sweet mug, you have boosted my mornings and warmed my heart and for that, I thank you.


Brandi said...


I need an understanding friend like that. Just teasing. I have lots of cool friends!

Blen said...

I showed this to dad, it actually made him laugh. i wrote it friday

Christina said...

That's a pretty good poem. I can relate. You should sell it to Starbucks!