Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Burgers and the small fries

Hey all,

YEAH FOR SPRING!!!!!! Okay, we are a little bit too happy to see that it is getting warm enough for the kids to go outside and play and the flowers to start blooming. I'm sure this posting will be interesting as Pete and I are taking turns writing this while we play Guitar Hero. JaNae's the purplish-pink color. Pete's the black.

F#*king Tenacious D!!! I hate that blamed song!!! Stupid "The Metal" song!!! Anyway, on a more positive note, life is pretty good. I tested for Technical Sergeant for the second time this year. I don't think I'll get the promotion but I can always hope. As you can probably tell by our profile picture, I recently returned from Iraq. I was stationed at Ali Air Base in the southern portion of the country, a few miles from An Nasiriyah. For the most part, my four months there was relatively quiet. There was one experience, however, that was pretty nerve wracking. About a week after arriving in country, I was asleep on my bed when I heard a distant "thump". My eyelids instantly opened as adrenaline coursed through my veins. A second "THUMP", this one louder and infinitely closer, shook building and every alarm in my body told me to get moving. Fortunately, seven years of combat training kicked in and trumped my natural instincts to get the hell out of there. I should have listened to my instincts. Several seconds later, a third explosion BOOOOOOOMMMMMM!! erupted in my ears. The entire building shook as if it were going to fall down around me. The explosion seemed right on top of me. Once again, my adrenaline levels shot through the roof. After the dust settled and everything was once again quiet, a couple Airmen were dispatched to assess the damage. When all was said and done, we learned we had sustained a direct hit on our building. Fortunately, Saddam Hussein knew how to build a concrete structure and there was only minimal damage.

Yeah- we're glad that Pete isn't leaving with this next rotation of guys that are heading out in a couple of weeks. Let's see. I guess perhaps an update with what we're doing with our life. We sold our house that we had in Brigham last year assuming we'd be getting orders soon as we've been stationed at Hill for 6 years- hasn't happened yet and we stopped holding our breath for it to happen a while ago :) I am actively working on a Masters in School counseling and passively working on a Masters in Mental health counseling (only 2 classes a semester instead of four). Pete has about 9 months (hopefully) before he recieves his bachelors degree in business management. The big adventure of the day was when Becca (our youngest who is three and is being potty-trained) took off her panties that she had just pooped in and throw them at Alex (he's five). The panties hit his nose and slid down his mouth, chin and hit his shirt before landing on the floor- leaving a thick dark brown trail behind it. SOOOO GROSS! The wonderful joys of parenting! The worst part is that Lalee (our oldest who is 7) sat there and tried to convince Alex to taste it..... I shudder at the thought!

When we aren't taking care of incidents similar to the afore mentioned moment of joy we are typically studying, roller-blading with the kids or playing with them outside, on the computer, playing around with some photography, gardening, reading comics (Pete anyway), always listening to some kind of music..... Really our lives aren't dull- it's usually lively and full it just sounds dull on paper (or blog:).

we do have a myspace page that has a lot of pictures on it if ya'll are interested: myspace.com/peteandnae

Anyway, going to get my oldest baby (Pete) to bed. Love ya all and hope that life is treating you well. We'd love to hear from any of you or meet up with you... name the time and place and we'll be there (kids willing of course!)


Christina said...

Wow. Never a dull moment in the world of parenting...
I am glad that things are going well. this war stuff is pretty darn scary, and I am so glad that Peter is ok. I am lucky that Doug does not have to go there.

Pete and Nae said...

Yeah- but you still have to kiss him good bye for stretch of time... Not fun at all :(

Brandi said...

yay Becca. I wish I could have seen that. Well, no I don't. I wish I could have seen the expressions on everyone's faces without seeing the actual event. I really laughed when I read this one. Thanks for sharing.

I am glad you came back safely, Petey-Pete.

Blen said...

That place is close to Tallile Air Base right? (if that place still exists). i was there for a while and we had some scares from some explosions but felt pretty dumb when we found out it was EOD blowing stuff up. still, i can imagine your feelings at the time. we also blew up some MRE bombs and we blew up a big can of chocolate pudding as well(that was freaking hiliarious BTW). good to have you back safe, hope everything goes ok for you.