Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hey Guys

I think most of you know that I recently graduated, and I am going back into the Navy. I got my orders and my flight itinerary. I will be leaving this Saturday (September 8th) for Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI. I am excited and nervous and all that fun stuff that goes with big life changes. I will not be able to access the internet for a while, so I gave my password to Mike since I am the moderator of this blog, and it appears to be a one moderator only kind of deal. If I say something really silly and out-of-character (or at least really out-of-character), you might want to question the true source of the comment. Just a heads-up.


Mike Alvey said...

What... I am offended by the lack of confidence and respect. Would I ever purposefully manipulate and abuse the privileges given to me? Okay... so maybe I would. :C)

Denver Hall said...

You haven't already? I'm disappointed in YOU, Mike! Get crackin'!