Saturday, September 15, 2007

Change of plans...

Hey, everybody:

Just an update. I have been released from the Officer Candidate School for medical reasons. When I applied for the program, I had to get a waiver for a diagnosis I recieved in 2001. The high stress of the training environment triggered my condition, so the Navy is taking steps to make sure I get treatment, and the leadership has to discuss during this next week whether I will be released back into the civilian world or if I will be serving out the enlistment contract I had to sign to join the program.

Don't worry about my health. I am okay, and the Navy will pay all the costs of treatment. I was a little disappointed about not completing the training at first, but after a few hours I did not feel so bad about it. I am kind of excited to see where life takes me now. Life is such an adventure, and one never knows where the road leads to next, do they?

I'll get you updates when I know what's going to happen!


Denver Hall said...

Sorry to hear that. Must be a bad week, 'cause I spent most of it in the hospital. Hope you're doing okay!

kim-nel said...

AW that sucks! I hope your doing ok. Let us know what happens.

Brandi said...

Right now, I am still in RI using the free medical facilities here on base. I think at this point, I am in charge of when I leave. At least, that is what my Commanding Officer told me. When I'm ready, I just have to tell the right people to file the paperwork releasing me into civilian life and then buy a ticket back to Utah.

I am a little nervous about leaving the military. I have been owned by the Navy since before I graduated high school. I am going to be a free adult person for the first time in my life. It's a little intimidating and very difficult to wrap my head around the idea.

Christina said...

Ok, I sent an email, but it looks like I was able to get back onto this blog.
Anyway, I hope things go well. You can call anytime.