Sunday, April 5, 2009

Okinawa, Japan

Most of you all know this as you are on facebook, but we wanted to share with those of you who aren't facebook junkies ;) We are moving to Kadena, Japan which is on the Okinawa Island in August. We're pretty excited about the move. It is going to be a great adventure.

This spring has been flying by. It's my (JaNae's) last semester for my Masters degree and I am drowning in school work but the end is in sight- YEAH!!! Pete has been on a couple of TDYs lately and the kids are being kids. We are all planning on going to Boston at the end of May for my graduation. We've rented a house on the coast for a week and are really looking forward to that. We'd love to hear what you guys are all up to- what do you all say.... update time?


Deanna said...

Hey, let us know when you're in Boston, we're only an hour away! That will be scary/fun living in Japan, I am sure! Good luck with everything!

Blen said...

You may have to post on facebook for people to update on here ;)

Brandi said...

That is so exciting! I loved Japan- what I saw of it! But you and the kids aren't in the military, so perhaps you will get to see more than I did! It will be so much fun. And being paid COLA in Japan will give you a new appreciation for the dollars depreciating value ;-)