Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello! I know I've been a major slacker with this, but it's been fun to read all your posts over the last few months, and I figured I'd better get a little update about us up.

Asher is now going on 6 months old, and he's growing soooo fast. He's starting to get his teeth, he says "da-da-da-da" when he's hungry instead of crying, and he likes to stand up and sit up a lot. He also loves to steal the pacifier from his cousin's mouth, but he's not rolling over yet. Go figure. Melissa's baby can stand up off the floor, bend over and pick something up, but he refuses to walk. He's now 14 months old. I guess babies do what they want on their own schedule.

As for us, I'm STILL at USU, thanks to part-time semesters and missing most of last year entirely, but this is my last hard semester, and I should have a biochemistry degree in May. I took the pharmacy admissions test in August and got in the 94th percentile, so I should be starting the 3-4 of professional school somewhere next year. The question is, "where!?"

There are no pharmacy schools in Alaska :o(

But, currently, the options are USN (in South Jordan), Colorado in Denver, New Mexico (Albuquerque), and Sullivan in Louisville, KY. Anyone have any thoughts on those places? It's scary to consider moving somewhere without ever having visited.

Emma got a job with a payroll company in South Jordan, to give her a better career option and to get free babysitting from her parents. So right now we're split up during the week and they come home to Logan on the weekends. I know this is nothing compared to what all you military couples go through, but it's still not the funnest thing ever. I've been lonely, and poor Mike has probably noticed with all the pestering I've been giving him.

Anyways, a Christmas get-together sounds fun. We need to do this now that it seems most of us are somewhat close to Brigham now.


Blen said...

I really like colorado but that could be because it is familiar to me. it is alot like utah with the mountains snow and weather. it is not as much of a bubble as UT. I went to basic training in Kentucky and if you want to see real rain that is not like the ut drizzle that would be a good place to go. my opinion of kentucky was not to good. I never went to that particular city though.

That is cool that you are almost done with college. I do not think i could have done it, it impresses me when other people do. it is a big accomplishment.

anyway talk to you later

Pete and Nae said...

Sounds like you guys are staying busy. That's exciting you will be able to finish this spring. Your son is adorable:)

Brandi said...

Yay, Denver! You are almost with USU. That is such an accomplishment, especially with everything else that has been going on.

Your baby is so-o-o cute. I bet he is a lot of fun. That is too bad you only get to see him on weekends :( I hope that doesn't last too long.

I visited Albuquerque (sp?). It was beautiful. It had all the pretty parts of living in the desert, but there are a lot of green areas there, too. And the people seemed really friendly, too. And I also liked the artistry down there. Nice place.

I am sure that whatever place you choose, you will be in good company (Emma and Asher), so it will not be too bad of an experience :)