Monday, August 18, 2008

It is about that time when life updates are called for...

It has been a while since I have really opened the window on my life so here goes,

I turned 25 last june and holy cow I am starting to feel it (although i know it will keep getting worse). All the fun I had when I was a kid are coming back to haunt me. I am doing good though.

I got promoted to Sergeant last Feb, in the reserves that is a pretty big promotion status wise. It is pretty neat because I get put in charge more and I get more responsibility. I also re-enlisted in June for three years. I am hoping that the next time I will be able to get a bonus (working as a civilian for the reserves makes me inelligable for any kind of bonus but some people are pushing to have that changed).

I am still a Unit Administrator for my reserve unit. It gets a little boring doing paperwork at times but I can still say that I like it.

Me and Lindsay are working on buying a house in Brigham. It is a condo type place. we are doing alot of the work from hanging the drywall all the way to finish by ourselves to bring the cost down. I have learned alot about drywall that I never wanted to know. It is a good skill to have but I would not want to do it for a job. The mudding is the worst part. In the next few days I will be completly done mudding so I am looking forward to that. Lindsay has been doing most of the painting as I have been finishing the mudding so that is almost done too thanks to alot of help from hers and my family.

Overall things are going pretty good for me, Still working, Lindsay and I are doing well together, I still love my video games, still "enjoy" exercise, still hang out with Ashton alot, (if any of you know him, he just got married a few weeks ago), Lindsay and Michelle (Ashtons wife) love to hang out together too so it works out good.

I can not think of anything else to say so I guess I am done for now.

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Deanna said...

my how time flies! glad everything is going great for you! good luck with the house.