Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Exciting Summer Plans Anyone?

Hey guys- it's been pretty quiet on this blog lately. Any new adventures going on in anyone's life? Pete and I have some pretty big plans this summer. We are planning on taking the kids to see the statue of Liberty next week. In July we will be seeing the fireworks from a port right before sailing down to Cancun, August we are planning on backpacking across Europe and we'll end the summer by climbing Mt. Everest in September.

OKAY, okay- not really. With the price of gas we're planning on going on a whole lot of bike rides (to the grocery store, to the swimming pool and of course- the park) and then we plan on camping at Bear Lake for a week in August- that's about the extent of our wonderful vacation plans. Lalee has decided that she wants to get baptised (Pete and I leave the decisions to our kids as we don't think anyone should be expected to be baptised and it means more when they make the decision). That will happen on August 2nd. We'd love to have any of you that are in the area come if you'd like. I'll post more information as I have it.

This past week was Lalee's 8th birthday and Alex's 6th birthday. So between their birthday's, birthday parties (unwisely not on their actual birthday) and father's day it has been one REALLY LONG party. In fact I really need to be taking down balloons and streamers and cleaning up but this seemed much more appealing ;)

School is still going. It's kind of hard to believe that this is the last summer that both Pete and I will be going to school for a while, or at least until I start my Ph.D as we're both on track to graduate this spring, Pete with his bachelors in Business management and me with my Masters in School Counseling. I'm not sure if I'll know how to have summer without school (or life for that matter) it will be interesting.

I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of this past week. My favorite is the one with Pete and Lalee- I'm fairly confident that he won't be overly pleased when he realizes I posted it online:)
K- everyone, it's your turn. Write something so we know you're all still alive;)


Brandi said...

Cute pics. You should definitely submit Peter's uniform modifications to the Department of the Air Force. That would definitely be a big hit!

How exciting that Lalee is eight. It looks like you guys had quite a party! I bet cleaning up after that many kids was fun! I can't believe that much time has past since Lalee was born! Congratulations on baptism, too, Lalee.

Blen said...

I am going to try the new uniform mods at drill next month. maybe they will put it into effect!!

Christina said...

Looks fun but hectic! I especially like the Hawaii theme. That's pretty exciting that Lalee is baptized. It's hard to believe that it has already been eight years! Your family is so cute, thanks for keeping us updated.

Pete and Nae said...

Blen- did you try the new uniform mods at the drill? :) I really think that it would add some color to the bland fatigues.